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Helping You to Heal Using Intuitive Readings and Therapy

Through many years of experience, personal development and meditation, I have learned to trust my intuitive feelings. My spiritual path has enabled me to awaken to a strong connection with my Higher Self and Loving Beings of Light. This has led me to be of service to others, in a non-judgmental capacity, as an intuitive counsellor and healer.

I offer relaxing treatments and readings in the comfort of my home using appropriate crystals, healing frequency forks, Divinatory Tarot and angel cards. These high vibrational energies will encourage your mind, body and spirit to regain harmony and help you release negative thought patterns. 

Physical pain is often reduced through these natural healing vibrations, allowing you to feel peaceful and serene as you begin to feel nurtured and restored.

Treatments take approximately one hour. Please contact me to book an appointment below. 

Client Testimonials

Mary puts you at ease and is an extremely gentle, insightful healer. You will probably fall asleep during a treatment because it is so relaxing, but that doesn't detract from the positive results. Keep on doing what you do well Mary!
Belinda Burkin
Cornwall, UK
I am writing to say how lovingly and effectively Mary did a distance healing for me recently. Her intuition, concern and ability are quite amazing. I might mention that the healing began, as far as I could tell, gradually after a delay of about two days, but has gotten stronger and more helpful as time has passed. Do not hesitate to seek her help!
Robin Posner Davis
Santiago, Chile
I received a distant reading from Mary today and I have to say I have had to read it a couple of times as I was taken back how accurate she was. I highly recommend anyone looking for a reading to contact Mary as I can assure you, you won't be disappointed.
Ang Rahmani
Plymouth, UK
mary's spiritual services

Holistic Healing

Helping you with difficult life decisions, relationship issues and insights from the Divine. In-person and distant readings available, followed up by an in-depth report for you to keep.

The benefits of crystal healing and sound therapy offer positive change through a gentle process of purification on all levels. Healing treatments restore the uninhibited flow of universal energy throughout your chakras and auric field.

Lovingly hand made gifts, including semi-precious gemstone jewellery and crystal and aromatherapy sprays. Some of the healing benefits are protection from negative energies, relief from stress and tension, bringing you peace  and harmony.