About Mary

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"Transformational healing begins with the willingness to open one's heart to others."

As a natural intuitive psychic since childhood, I offer genuine spiritual guidance to all those who come to me for readings.

Having developed my spiritual and psychic awareness through meditation and working with the crystalline kingdom, I am aware of the oneness of all life.

This awareness, combined with over 30 years of working with the Tarot successfully, enables me to put my skills to good use in bringing comfort and clarity to all those who wish to receive guidance, either in person or remotely.

I regard my work as an important form of healing, although I am also a qualified crystal healer and sacred sound voice therapist.

If you’re interested to know more about my background and life journey, please read the blog post My Life Journey and Spiritual Awakening Experiences

The following comments are from clients shortly after experiencing a healing treatment with me:

gently vibrating

  • Tingly feet at the start, then whole body ‘gently vibrating’,
  • Feelings of lightness, being lifted but cocooned, 
  • Seeing the colour white around themselves and my hands, 
  • The sensation of slight pins and needles in area which has been problematic,


  • Feeling warm or cool in certain areas of the body, 
  • Falling asleep or drifting in and out of sleep, 
  • Feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed and optimistic.

“The only temple that matters can be found within yourself.”

-The Dalai Lama

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