Tarot and Angel Card Readings

For your reading I will use a classical and beautifully illustrated deck of 78 cards which are based on Greek mythology. These are an original set which I purchased over 30 years ago, at the age of 17, and have been handled with great care and respect since that time. 

In conjunction with these stunning cards, I enjoy using various Angel cards, which often coincide perfectly with information coming through from Spirit during your reading. 

Prior to any Spiritual work that I carry out, I always call forth many Beings of Light, including Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriella. This is done in order to create a pure, safe, grounded, protected space in which to work with you.

Prices: £25.00 for in-person readings / £35.00 for distant, email readings

Crystal Healing & Sound Therapy

Crystal healing and sound therapy treatments are a beautiful and deeply relaxing way of reconnecting with the eternal bliss inside. Crystalline energies, when used with ancient Solfeggio healing frequencies are very gentle, yet powerful. These vibrational healing energies work synergistically to bring harmony and balance to you on all levels. 

Solfeggio healing tones were originally developed by a Benedictine monk called Guido from the Italian city of Arezzo (c. 991AD – c. 1050AD) in order to assist singers, as he was aware of the difficulty that they had in remembering Georgian chants. 

Prices:  £25.00 for one treatment / £60 for a block booking of three treatments.  Distant healing £20.00

Mary's Precious Earth Gifts

For further details and prices for my unique, hand made semi-precious gemstone bracelets and gifts, you are invited to visit my Facebook business page, having the same name as the above header.  During your visit you are welcome to enquire about the various items I have available at the time.  Occasionally I make healing aromatherapy and gem essence sprays, designed to balance and harmonise the aura.  Some are designed to assist with sleep problems and others with general stress, tension and anxiety.