What to do before tarot reading

What To Do Before Having a Tarot Reading

Having a tarot card reading is a great experience and can be beneficial for anyone feeling unsettled in their lives.  If you have decided to turn to a clairvoyant for guidance, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to prepare yourself in advance. 

As a general rule, the most important thing is to be in a quiet place, feel comfortable and be present.  Having some questions ready, a favourite beverage and some tissues can be helpful also. 

Although there isn’t a set practice to do before having a tarot reading, a few hints may help to get the most out of your session. I have some practical tips for you if it’s your first reading and feeling nervous or don’t know what to expect.  

What to expect during a tarot reading

Firstly, relax and know you will be in safe hands.  Having over 30 years experience in working with the Tarot and the Angelic Realm, you can be assured that your reading will be carried out with gentleness, understanding and professionalism. Secondly, do try to be open-minded about whatever may come up, particularly if it’s your first experience of having a Tarot reading.  For those of you who are new to trying an online video chat Tarot reading with me, this article is designed to help you prepare for your first experience.  

Once you have booked your online psychic Tarot reading with me, I advise you to take some time to consider what questions you may have.  Often your questions will be answered naturally as the reading flows, but you are welcome to ask for further clarification at any point, should you feel it appropriate.  Before your reading, be prepared to voice any fears or worries you may have as they come up.  I understand that, as a new client, you may be feeling nervous about what to expect.  However, I will always try to make you feel at ease throughout your reading, explaining the meaning of each card thoroughly and with careful consideration.  Know that I am here to help you and that it is safe for you to express your thoughts and feelings at any point. Try to let go of all your worries during your reading, whilst I work with my Higher Self and guides to bring you comfort, clarity and wisdom from the Divine.  Readings with me can sometimes be a highly emotional experience, so you may wish to have a box of tissues ready!

Not Sure What To Ask? 

If you aren’t really sure what questions to ask and would prefer a general reading, then that is fine too.  A reading can help you more clearly understand the current path you are on and the influences around you.  Even when much of what you are told may be things you already know, there are likely to be many unexpected insights and comforting messages of support along the way. Having no fixed ideas before having a Tarot reading can still prove to be a very valuable experience, often giving you a stronger sense of motivation, clearer focus or even renewed faith in the Divine.  

Do I Have To Be Spiritual To Benefit? 

It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself to be very spiritual or have much understanding of how the spirit world works.  We are all at various points in this journey called life. As long as you are willing to consider that there may be more to this world than meets the eye, that is enough.  You need not start trying to become an expert on the spirit world or the angelic realm. I have helped many people who were skeptical over the years. Conversely, some clients who are already on a spiritual path may feel guided to ask for my help. Whichever is the case, working with spirit is my vocation and I am always happy to be of service.

Are All Tarot Readings The Same? 

Everyone has different reasons for wanting a Tarot reading and your experience will be as unique as you are.  No two readings are perfectly alike, even for family members who may be going through similar experiences.  Even those who are returning clients sometimes find that their life circumstances have changed dramatically, so will find that their reading is vastly different to any previous ones.  Below I have listed some examples of situations which a Tarot reading can help with. These could be with regard to any aspects of your life which you would like clarity.  

What Situations Can a Tarot Reading Can Help With?

The following are some examples of what a Tarot reading can help with:

  • Current relationships
  • Seeking a new relationship
  • Finding emotional balance
  • Facing and overcoming difficult circumstances
  • Career decisions and personal goals
  • Understanding difficult or confusing situations
  • Finding renewed motivation and focus
  • Bringing through Divine wisdom to guide you
  • Seeing your situation from a higher perspective

What Else Should I Do Before Having My Tarot Reading?

  • If you feel particularly nervous, you may want to go and get some fresh air and loosen up a little and to help you feel more centred and grounded.
  • You might want to take a relaxing bath or a shower whilst you consider what questions you have, visualising any negative energies being washed away.
  • Ensure that the device you intend to use for your video call is properly charged up. 
  • Take some time to prepare a space where you can feel comfortable during your reading.  
  • Try and warn friends and family members that you will be busy for a while, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be interrupted during your valuable experience!
  • In the minutes prior to your appointment, you may want to make yourself a cuppa, before settling down and getting comfortable.
  • Have your questions/notes handy in case you suddenly forget what you wanted to ask.
  • Don’t forget those tissues!

Will I Need To Make Notes During My Tarot Reading?

You need not worry about making notes during your reading, as you will receive a lengthy and detailed summary afterwards. This will include all guidance received during meditation prior to your card reading.  In most cases this will be emailed to you later the same day. This means, of course, that you can relax and focus on listening to all the supportive guidance and messages being given and ask any questions that you have prepared or which come to mind during your reading.

When Will An Event Happen? 

Be aware that if you are wanting answers about exactly when an event may occur, this will likely be difficult to predict.  I usually talk in terms of weeks or months, but advise clients to be open to things happening in Divine Timing – meaning when God and the Angels decide is the right time.  Often you may be asked to have faith that an event or a meeting will take place when it is meant to.  This will often require much patience on your part too, which I understand can be frustrating.  However, sometimes certain other ‘pieces of the puzzle’ will need to fall into place first, before your hoped-for dreams can manifest.  

Still a Bit Nervous? 

All my Tarot cards are beautifully illustrated and have been treated with great respect and care since purchasing them – 37 years ago at the time of writing!  They are, however, purely a tool to help me connect with the energies of my clients, following meditation to help me prepare for a reading.  Each of these cards, which are based on Greek mythology, help me gain further insight to the circumstances of your life, including the past, present and future influences around you.  Remember that you are always the Captain of your ship and if you aren’t happy with the path you are on, you can always steer yourself in a new direction. 

I hope you now feel more relaxed and confident about preparing for your reading and I look forward to being of help to you in the near future!

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