Prior to your arrival I will have carefully prepared my working space  with candles, incense and a few high vibrational crystals. I will also have called in many spiritual helpers, including Archangel Michael, in order to protect myself, my home and the surrounding area of my home.  I always connect with Mother Earth, my Higher Self and my amazing team of guides, who include my main Spirit Guide, Caleb, and many other Beings of Light through meditation. They assist me in many ways, such as grounding my energies and opening my conscious awareness.  Without their help I would be unable to work as confidently in my capacity as a healer and psychic and would feel unprotected and unsupported.


During meditation, I allow myself to receive thoughts, feelings and images from my Higher Self and guides relating to the person or persons coming to see me for a reading.  Often I will see colours, words, or I may connect with a particular Archangel who wishes to let me know of an issue surrounding the person. Occasionally, I do feel the presence of a departed loved one and they may give me a message or a images relating to their life.  As an empath, I tend to pick up on feelings and emotions very strongly, particularly during meditation, when there is less distraction. When carrying out distant readings, this is obviously an important asset in determining the issues surrounding a person.


I have always avoided calling myself a ‘medium’, as this can give the wrong impression of my abilities. 


My psychic awareness tends to connect me with the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters, from whom I receive relevant clairvoyant and clairsentient messages. 


Sometimes I may smell something very strongly; on one occasion I smelled sea salt very powerfully, even feeling it at the back of my throat. I was informed by the client, following that particular reading, that there were several personal meanings to this occurrence which gave her a great deal of comfort. 


I often see various colours connected with the client before they arrive which I am able to interpret intuitively, or sometimes a beloved pet, such as a cat or a dog may appear during my meditation, wishing to be made known to their owner as reassurance they are happy and well in the Spirit world.


Please note that although I always do my utmost to bring as much clarity and comfort as possible to all my clients, I never know what will transpire during meditation before a client arrives or during a reading. 

I cannot, therefore guarantee that a departed loved one or beloved pet will connect with me.